The following Masses are cancelled: ALL WEEKEND AND DAILY MASSES ARE CANCELLED.  
All other parish activities (Confessions, Eucharistic Adoration, Eucharistic Benediction, Lenten Mission, trainings, group meetings, ministries, Religious Education Classes, etc.) are suspended.
Friday Adoration is cancelled, Benediction is cancelled and the Friday devotion of Stations of the Cross is cancelled.
The parish office will now be open only on Monday 10am-2pm (Fr. Johnson present), Wednesday 10am-2pm (Fr. Steven present) and Friday 10am-2pm (Fr. Johnson and Fr. Steven present); as most of the parish staff has been sent home.
Questions can be sent directly to Father Steven Gamez, pastor, at
Faithful of God use wise and prudent judgement; if travel is not essential stay home! For grave and serious matters Father Johnson and I will take appointments for Confession. Be calm, be clean, be well and be blessed. Fr. Steven Gamez

See upcoming events at St. Rose of Lima.

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