April Minister Schedules

Click here to print the April, 2020 Schedule.  We no longer print multiple copies in order to save on paper costs.  Please be advised, if you are a Altar Server or Minister of Hospitality, you will need top contact your Volunteer Ministry Coordinator listed below for your schedule.

As a reminder, if you have any questions on the schedule, or if you are unable to serve as scheduled, please contact your Volunteer Minister Coordinator listed below:

Lectors – Rose Marie Ponce & Imelda Ortiz

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Laura Donaldson Efrain Ponce

Hospitality Ministers – Cruz Lara & David Aragon

Altar Servers – Mingo Ramos

Attention Lectors!!!  To see a Lector Schedule for each month as to which reading you will do, please click the appropriate month:
April, 2020        May, 2020       June, 2020

Alatorre, EpifaniaExtraordinary Minister4/5/202010 am Spanish
Aldape-Garcia, DianaExtraordinary Minister4/25/20204 pm English
Anzaldua, NinfaExtraordinary Minister4/5/202012 pm English
Arana, EugeniaExtraordinary Minister4/5/202010 am Spanish
Arana, GriscelExtraordinary Minister4/5/202010 am Spanish
Betancourt, AntonioExtraordinary Minister4/18/20206 pm Spanish
Betancourt, HildaExtraordinary Minister4/18/20206 pm Spanish
Beyers, AmyExtraordinary Minister4/5/202012 pm English
Briones, HelgaExtraordinary Minister4/5/202010 am Spanish
Briones, Jose DanielExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502010 am Spanish
Carranza, AmyExtraordinary Minister4/5/202012 pm English
Chavez, MarcellaExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502012 pm English
Cisneros, RamonaExtraordinary Minister4/26/20202 pm Spanish
Cisneros, RamonaExtraordinary Minister4/12/250202 pm Spanish
Delgado, CarmenExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502010 am Spanish
Delgado, CharlieExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502010 am Spanish
Diaz, MariaExtraordinary Minister4/19/202010 am Spanish
Diaza, CarlosExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502010 am Spanish
Duenas, GenovevaExtraordinary Minister4/19/202010 am Spanish
Elias, MercedesExtraordinary Minister4/19/202010 am Spanish
Espinosa, AliceExtraordinary Minister4/4/20204 pm English
Espinosa, SusanaExtraordinary Minister4/19/202010 am Spanish
Flores, RaulExtraordinary Minister4/5/20208 am English
Fuentes, BrendaExtraordinary Minister4/26/202010 am Spanish
Galan, BeatriceExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502012 pm English
Garcia, AyelenExtraordinary Minister4/5/20208 am English
Garcia, DanielExtraordinary Minister4/5/20208 am English
Garcia, ElidaExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502012 pm English
Garcia, EricExtraordinary Minister4/26/20202 pm Spanish
Garcia, EricExtraordinary Minister4/12/250202 pm Spanish
Garcia, FranciscoExtraordinary Minister4/26/202010 am Spanish
Garcia, RaquelExtraordinary Minister4/26/202010 am Spanish
Garcia, SandraExtraordinary Minister4/26/20202 pm Spanish
Garcia, SandraExtraordinary Minister4/12/250202 pm Spanish
Garcia-Valdovinos, SilviaExtraordinary Minister4/26/202010 am Spanish
Giannakipaulos, LisaExtraordinary Minister4/5/20208 am English
Gomez, AlyssaExtraordinary Minister4/4/20204 pm English
Gomez, AuroraExtraordinary Minister4/4/20204 pm English
Grokowski, VirginiaExtraordinary Minister4/12/250208 am English
Gutierez, AgustinExtraordinary Minister4/12/2502012 pm English
Guzman, AlejandroExtraordinary Minister4/18/20206 pm Spanish
Guzman, GabrielaExtraordinary Minister4/18/20206 pm Spanish
Hernandez, ElidaExtraordinary Minister4/4/20204 pm English
Hernandez, RachelExtraordinary Minister4/12/250208 am English
Hoban, GailExtraordinary Minister4/12/250208 am English
Holscher, ShirleyExtraordinary Minister4/12/250208 am English
Keneally, SeanExtraordinary Minister4/19/202012 pm English
Kucher, GeorgannExtraordinary Minister4/19/20208 am English
Lara, ChristopherExtraordinary Minister4/19/20208 am English
Lopez, FreddyExtraordinary Minister4/19/20208 am English
Lopez, JuanExtraordinary Minister4/4/20206 pm Spanish
Lopez, JuanExtraordinary Minister4/25/20206 pm Spanish
Lopez, Martha S.Extraordinary Minister4/4/20206 pm Spanish
Lopez, Martha S.Extraordinary Minister4/25/20206 pm Spanish
Lopez, MiguelExtraordinary Minister4/4/20206 pm Spanish
Lopez, MiguelExtraordinary Minister4/25/20206 pm Spanish
Martin del Campo, MarthaExtraordinary Minister4/5/20202 pm Spanish
Martin del Campo, MarthaExtraordinary Minister4/19/20202 pm Spanish
Martinez, MichelleExtraordinary Minister4/19/202012 pm English
Martinez, RoyExtraordinary Minister4/19/202012 pm English
Martinez-Neal, MariaExtraordinary Minister4/19/202012 pm English
Mendez, AmyExtraordinary Minister4/19/20208 am English
Mora, BerthaExtraordinary Minister4/5/20202 pm Spanish
Mora, BerthaExtraordinary Minister4/19/20202 pm Spanish
Morales, LourdesExtraordinary Minister4/5/20202 pm Spanish
Morales, LourdesExtraordinary Minister4/19/20202 pm Spanish
Ohrmundt, DavidExtraordinary Minister4/26/202012 pm English
Okafor, MariaExtraordinary Minister4/26/202012 pm English
Paiva, AlexanderExtraordinary Minister4/18/20204 pm English
Pasternak, MichaelExtraordinary Minister4/18/20204 pm English
Perez-Donaldson, LauraExtraordinary Minister4/18/20204 pm English
Pesina, IrmaExtraordinary Minister4/26/202012 pm English
Ramirez, MariaExtraordinary Minister4/26/20208 am English
Ramos, AlbertoExtraordinary Minister4/26/20208 am English
Ramos, LuzelenaExtraordinary Minister4/4/20206 pm Spanish
Ramos, LuzelenaExtraordinary Minister4/25/20206 pm Spanish
Ranara, NellyExtraordinary Minister4/26/202012 pm English
Reyna, GilbertoExtraordinary Minister4/26/20208 am English
Rueschenberg, DebraExtraordinary Minister4/26/20208 am English
Serrano, JasmineExtraordinary Minister4/18/20204 pm English
Serrano, SandraExtraordinary Minister4/25/20204 pm English
Suarez, RosaExtraordinary Minister4/5/20202 pm Spanish
Suarez, RosaExtraordinary Minister4/25/20202 pm Spanish
Torne-Marzan, MaryExtraordinary Minister4/25/20204 pm English
Ugartechea, CarlosExtraordinary Minister4/25/20204 pm English
Villarreal, FelixExtraordinary Minister4/26/20202 pm Spanish
Villarreal, FelixExtraordinary Minister4/12/250202 pm Spanish
Villarreal, NancyExtraordinary Minister4/5/202012 pm English
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