Minister Schedule for August, 2019

Download July-August, 2019 Schedule

As a reminder, if you have any questions on the schedule, or if you are unable to serve as scheduled, please contact your Volunteer Minister Coordinator listed below:

Lectors – Rose Marie Ponce & Imelda Ortiz

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Laura Donaldson Efrain Ponce

Hospitality Ministers – Cruz Lara & David Aragon

Altar Servers – Mingo Ramos

Allen, Steven8/18/2019Lectors8 am English
Alvarado Sandoval, Jared8/4/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, Jared8/11/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, Jared8/18/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, Jared8/25/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado, Rogelio8/4/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado, Rogelio8/11/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado, Rogelio8/18/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarado, Rogelio8/25/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Alvarez, Louis8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Alvarez, Louis8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Alvarez, Louis8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Aminkeng, Ashlie8/18/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Aminkeng, Kellie-Daphne8/11/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Aminkeng, Leslie8/18/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Anzaldua, Ninfa8/18/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Aragon, David8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Aragon, David8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Aragon, David8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Aragon, David8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Arana, Griscel8/18/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Arana, Jazmin8/11/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Arana, Jazmin8/18/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Armenta-Castro, Tabata8/4/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Austin, Dennis8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Austin, Dennis8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Austin, Dennis8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Austin, Dennis8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Avendano, Cindy8/11/2019EOMHC8 am English
Avina, Elias8/4/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Avina, Elias8/11/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Avina, Elias8/18/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Avina, Elias8/25/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Bailey, Norman8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Bailey, Norman8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Bailey, Norman8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Bailey, Norman8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Barrett, Helen8/17/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Betancourt, Antonio8/3/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Antonio8/10/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Daniel8/3/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Daniel8/10/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Daniel8/17/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Daniel8/24/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Hilda8/3/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Hilda8/10/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Betancourt, Hilda8/24/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Bolgren, Gerald8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Bolgren, Gerald8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Bolgren, Gerald8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Bolgren, Gerald8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Briones, Alea8/4/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Brown, Maria8/4/2019EOMHC8 am English
Callicotte, Mary8/11/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Callicotte, William8/25/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Cameron, Julie8/4/2019EOMHC8 am English
Carranza, Amy8/25/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Casillas, Diana8/10/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Castillo, Ana8/4/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Castillo, Sara8/4/2019EOMHC8 am English
Castro, Logan8/11/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Castro, Lorena8/18/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Cisneros, Ramona8/4/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Cisneros, Ramona8/11/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Cisneros, Ramona8/18/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Cisneros, Ramona8/25/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Cook, John8/18/2019EOMHC8 am English
Coronado, Angel8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Coronado, Angel8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Coronado, Angel8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Coronado, Angel8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Cowan, Maria8/3/2019Lectors4 pm English
Cowan, Maria8/10/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Cranek, Angela8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Cranek, Angela8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Cranek, Angela8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Cranek, Angela8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Cruz, Rae Ann8/3/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Cruz, Sandra8/4/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Cruz, Sandra8/18/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Dangerfield, Olean8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Dangerfield, Olean8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Dangerfield, Olean8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Dangerfield, Olean8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Delgado, Carmen8/18/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Diaz, Carlos8/4/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Diaz, Maria8/18/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Dokken, Jonathon8/18/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Donofrio, Chris8/18/2019Lectors12 PM English
Ekezie, Blessing8/4/2019Lectors8 am English
Espinosa, Alice8/17/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Espinoza, Carmen8/3/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Espinoza, Carmen8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Espinoza, Carmen8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Espinoza, Carmen8/24/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Esquivel, Melania8/25/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Fahrig, Miriam8/11/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Fahrig, Miriam8/25/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Farmer, Jerry8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Farmer, Jerry8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Farmer, Jerry8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Farmer, Jerry8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Flores, Obdulia8/25/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Fournier, Juan8/25/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Fournier, Osondra8/25/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Galan, Alyssa8/4/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Alyssa8/11/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Alyssa8/25/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Beatrice8/18/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Galan, Isabel8/4/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Isabel8/11/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Isabel8/25/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Pablo8/4/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Pablo8/11/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Galan, Pablo8/11/2019Lectors12 PM English
Garcia, Brenda8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Brenda8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Brenda8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Brenda8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Daniel8/11/2019EOMHC8 am English
Garcia, Eric8/11/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Garcia, Javier8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Javier8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Javier8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Javier8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Garcia, Luiz8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Garcia, Luiz8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Garcia, Robert8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Garcia, Robert8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Garcia, Robert8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Garcia, Robert8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Garcia, Sandra8/25/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Garza, Rosa8/11/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Garza, Rosa8/25/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Gomez, Alan8/18/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Gomez, Alyssa8/24/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Gomez, Aurora8/24/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Gomez, Itchel8/4/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Gomez, Itchel8/25/2019Lectors12 PM English
Gomez, Martin8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gomez, Martin8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gomez, Martin8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gomez-Fuentes, Matthew8/11/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Gonzales, Jesse8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gonzales, Jesse8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gonzales, Jesse8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gonzales, Jesse8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Gonzalez, Alejandro8/11/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Greene, Mary8/25/2019EOMHC8 am English
Grochowski, Theresa8/3/2019Lectors4 pm English
Grochowski, Virginia8/25/2019EOMHC8 am English
Gutierrez, Juanita8/11/2019Lectors12 PM English
Gutierrez, Juanita8/18/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Gutierrez-Kucher, Beau8/18/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Guzman, Alejandro8/17/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Daniela8/3/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Daniela8/10/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Daniela8/17/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Daniela8/24/2019Altar Servers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Gabriela8/17/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Gabriela8/24/2019EOMHC6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Marcelo8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Marcelo8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Marcelo8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Guzman, Marcelo8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Heath, Misol8/4/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Hernandez Garcia, Abigail8/10/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Hernandez Garcia, Abigail8/17/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Hernandez, Carolina8/10/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Hernandez, Carolina8/24/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Hernandez, Claudia8/18/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Hernandez, Rachel8/18/2019EOMHC8 am English
Hernandez, Ricardo8/4/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Hernandez, Rosa Maria8/11/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Hinojosa, Santiago8/3/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Hinojosa, Santiago8/10/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Hinojosa, Santiago8/17/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Hinojosa, Santiago8/24/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Hoban, Gail8/3/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Ibarra, Blanca8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Blanca8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Blanca8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Blanca8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Mario8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Mario8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Mario8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ibarra, Mario8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Ingerick, Marylin8/11/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Khakimov, Maria8/4/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Khakimov, Maria8/25/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Lara, Cruz8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Lara, Cruz8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Lara, Cruz8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Lara, Cruz8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Lara, Elizabeth8/4/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Lara, Elizabeth8/25/2019Lectors8 am English
Lewis, Stephen8/11/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Lichtenberger, Nicholas8/25/2019EOMHC8 am English
Lichtenberger, Oralia8/25/2019EOMHC8 am English
Limon, Consuelo8/4/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Lopez, Alejandra8/25/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Lopez, Fernando8/18/2019Lectors8 am English
Lopez, Noah8/4/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Lopez, Noah8/11/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Lyson, Elena8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Lyson, Elena8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Lyson, Elena8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Lyson, Elena8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Macias, Isabella8/18/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Macias, Isela8/18/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Martin Del Campo, Martha8/4/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Martin Del Campo, Martha8/11/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Martin Del Campo, Martha8/18/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Martin Del Campo, Martha8/25/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Martinez, Carlos8/3/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Martinez, Carlos8/17/2019Lectors6 pm Spanish
Martinez, Danya8/11/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Martinez, Juanita8/25/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Martinez, Michelle8/11/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Martinez, Roy8/11/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Marzan, Noelani8/3/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Marzan, Noelani8/10/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Marzan, Noelani8/17/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Marzan, Noelani8/24/2019Altar Servers4 pm English
Mayorga, Maria8/4/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Mayorga, Maria8/11/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Mayorga, Maria8/18/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Montellano, Juventino8/11/2019EOMHC8 am English
Montellano, Rosita8/4/2019EOMHC8 am English
Montoya, Mary8/3/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Morales, Ava8/18/2019Altar Servers12 PM English
Morales, Lourdes8/18/2019EOMHC2 pm Spanish
Moreno, Alberto8/4/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Moreno, Gabby8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Moreno, Gabby8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Moreno, Gabby8/11/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Moreno, Gabby8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Moreno, Gabby8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Moreno, Gabby8/25/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Morones, Jose8/11/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Muniz, Erika8/4/2019Lectors12 PM English
Murphy, Amy8/18/2019EOMHC8 am English
Ohrmundt, David8/18/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Okafor, Maria8/4/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Okafor, Maria8/25/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Olivares, Nelsy8/4/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Ortiz, Imelda8/11/2019Lectors8 am English
Paiva, Kristi8/10/2019Lectors4 pm English
Parks, Lil8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Parks, Lil8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Parks, Lil8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Parks, Lil8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Perez, Anna8/18/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Perez, Sandy8/25/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Perez-Donaldson, Laura8/24/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Plascencia, Darey8/4/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Plascencia, Darey8/11/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Plascencia, Darey8/18/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Plascencia, Darey8/25/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Ponce, Rose Marie8/24/2019Lectors4 pm English
Quesada, Jacob8/4/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Quesada, Jacob8/11/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Quesada, Jacob8/25/2019Lectors8 am English
Quinones, Gabriela8/11/2019Lectors2 pm Spanish
Raffaniello, Robert8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Raffaniello, Robert8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Raffaniello, Robert8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Ramirez, Bella8/4/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Ramirez, Bella8/11/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Ramirez, Bella8/18/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Ramirez, Bella8/25/2019Altar Servers2 pm Spanish
Ramirez, Jo Ann8/10/2019Lectors4 pm English
Ramos, Alberto8/18/2019EOMHC8 am English
Ramos, Anjelica8/25/2019Lectors12 PM English
Ramos, Kate8/4/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Ramos, Maria8/25/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Ranara, Nelly8/25/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Rangel, David8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rangel, David8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rangel, David8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rangel, David8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Reyna, Gilberto8/11/2019EOMHC8 am English
Reyna, Joel8/25/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Rivera, Henry8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Rivera, Henry8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Rivera, Henry8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Robledo, Sabrina8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Robledo, Sabrina8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Robledo, Sabrina8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Robledo, Sabrina8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers12 PM English
Rocha, Maria8/4/2019Lectors10 am Spanish
Rocha, Maricela8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rocha, Maricela8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rocha, Maricela8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rocha, Maricela8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Rodriguez, Jericca8/25/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel A8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel A8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel A8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Roman, Luis8/4/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Roman, Luis8/18/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Rosas, Norma8/4/2019Lectors12 PM English
Rueschenberg, Debra8/17/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Ruiz, Daniel8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Ruiz, Daniel8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Ruiz, Daniel8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Ruiz, Daniel8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers2 pm Spanish
Schrader, Melvin8/17/2019Lectors4 pm English
Serrano, Jasmine8/17/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Serrano, Sandra8/24/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Serrano-Aleman, Nancy8/24/2019Lectors4 pm English
Shierry, Paul8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Shierry, Paul8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Shierry, Paul8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Shierry, Paul8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Sloat, Gene8/18/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Spalenka, Evelyn8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Spalenka, Evelyn8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Tejeda, Isabella8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Tejeda, Isabella8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Tejeda, Isabella8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers8 am English
Tola, Francisca8/18/2019Lectors12 PM English
Torres, Claudia8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Claudia8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Claudia8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Jose8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Jose8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Jose8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Maria8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Maria8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Maria8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torres, Maria8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Torrez, Thomas8/18/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Ugartechea, Carlos8/10/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Urrabazo, Pat8/4/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Urrabazo, Pat8/25/2019Altar Servers8 am English
Valdovinos, Salvador8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, Salvador8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, Salvador8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, Salvador8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers6 pm Spanish
Valverde, Edward8/3/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Valverde, Edward8/10/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Valverde, Edward8/17/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Valverde, Edward8/24/2019Hospitality Ministers4 pm English
Varela, Cecilia8/3/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Varela, Connie8/4/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Vasquez, Richard8/10/2019EOMHC4 pm English
Villa, Pancho8/4/2019Lectors8 am English
Villafana, Andres8/11/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Villafana, Andres8/25/2019Altar Servers10 am Spanish
Villafana, Iris8/25/2019EOMHC10 am Spanish
Villarreal, Felix8/4/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Villarreal, Felix8/11/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Villarreal, Felix8/18/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Villarreal, Felix8/25/2019Hospitality Ministers10 am Spanish
Villarreal, Nancy8/25/2019EOMHC12 PM English
Williams, Phyllis8/17/2019Lectors4 pm English
Zvorak, Naida8/11/2019Lectors8 am English
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