Minister Schedule for December

Click here to download  November-December, 2019 Schedule

As a reminder, if you have any questions on the schedule, or if you are unable to serve as scheduled, please contact your Volunteer Minister Coordinator listed below:

Lectors – Rose Marie Ponce & Imelda Ortiz

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Laura Donaldson Efrain Ponce

Hospitality Ministers – Cruz Lara & David Aragon

Altar Servers – Mingo Ramos

Allen, StevenEOMHC12/8/20198 am English
Allen, StevenLectors12/22/20198 am English
Alvarado Sandoval, JaredAltar Servers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, JaredAltar Servers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, JaredAltar Servers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, JaredAltar Servers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado Sandoval, JaredAltar Servers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado, RogelioAltar Servers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado, RogelioAltar Servers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado, RogelioAltar Servers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado, RogelioAltar Servers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarado, RogelioAltar Servers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Alvarez, AlbertEOMHC12/8/201910 am Spanish
Alvarez, LouisHospitality Ministers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Alvarez, LouisHospitality Ministers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Alvarez, LouisHospitality Ministers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Alvarez, LouisHospitality Ministers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Alvarez, LouisHospitality Ministers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Anzaldua, NinfaEOMHC12/29/201912 PM English
Aragon, DavidHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Aragon, DavidHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Aragon, DavidHospitality Ministers12/14/20194 pm English
Aragon, DavidHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Aragon, DavidHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Aragon, DavidLectors12/29/20198 am English
Arana, EugeniaEOMHC12/8/201910 am Spanish
Arana, GriscelEOMHC12/15/201910 am Spanish
Arana, JazminAltar Servers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Armenta-Castro, TabataAltar Servers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Austin, DennisHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Austin, DennisHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Austin, DennisHospitality Ministers12/14/20194 pm English
Austin, DennisHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Austin, DennisHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Avina, EliasEOMHC12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Avina, EliasEOMHC12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Ayala, RogerEOMHC12/1/20198 am English
Bailey, NormanHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Bailey, NormanLectors12/1/20198 am English
Bailey, NormanHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Bailey, NormanHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Bailey, NormanHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Bailey, NormanHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Barrett, HelenEOMHC12/14/20194 pm English
Betancourt, AntonioEOMHC11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, AntonioEOMHC12/8/201910 am Spanish
Betancourt, AntonioEOMHC12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, DanielAltar Servers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, DanielAltar Servers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, DanielAltar Servers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, DanielAltar Servers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, DanielAltar Servers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, HildaEOMHC11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Betancourt, HildaEOMHC12/15/201910 am Spanish
Betancourt, HildaEOMHC12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Bolgren, GeraldHospitality Ministers12/1/201912 PM English
Bolgren, GeraldHospitality Ministers12/8/201912 PM English
Bolgren, GeraldHospitality Ministers12/15/201912 PM English
Bolgren, GeraldHospitality Ministers12/22/201912 PM English
Bolgren, GeraldHospitality Ministers12/29/201912 PM English
Bolgren, ZeldaLectors12/29/201912 PM English
Briones, AleaAltar Servers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Briones, AleaAltar Servers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Briones, JoseEOMHC12/22/201910 am Spanish
Campos, AlessandraAltar Servers12/15/201912 PM English
Cardenas, SalvadorEOMHC12/8/201912 PM English
Carranza, AmyEOMHC12/1/201912 PM English
Casanova, OfeliaEOMHC12/1/201910 am Spanish
Castillo, AnaLectors12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Castillo, AnaLectors12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Castro, LoganAltar Servers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Castro, LorenaLectors12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Celaya, PeteEOMHC11/30/20194 pm English
Chavez, MarcellaEOMHC12/22/201912 PM English
Cisneros, RamonaEOMHC12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Cisneros, RamonaEOMHC12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Cisneros, RamonaEOMHC12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Coronado, AngelHospitality Ministers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Coronado, AngelHospitality Ministers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Coronado, AngelHospitality Ministers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Coronado, AngelHospitality Ministers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Coronado, AngelHospitality Ministers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Coronilla, AngelAltar Servers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Coronilla, AngelAltar Servers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Covarrubia, BenjaminEOMHC12/22/201912 PM English
Covarrubia, FaithAltar Servers12/8/20198 am English
Covarrubia, FaithAltar Servers12/29/20198 am English
Cowan, MariaEOMHC11/30/20194 pm English
Cowan, MariaLectors11/30/20194 pm English
Cowan, MariaEOMHC12/7/20194 pm English
Cowan, MariaLectors12/28/20194 pm English
Cranek, AngelaHospitality Ministers12/1/201912 PM English
Cranek, AngelaHospitality Ministers12/8/201912 PM English
Cranek, AngelaHospitality Ministers12/15/201912 PM English
Cranek, AngelaHospitality Ministers12/22/201912 PM English
Cranek, AngelaHospitality Ministers12/29/201912 PM English
Cruz, Rae AnnEOMHC12/21/20194 pm English
Cruz, SandraLectors12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Cruz, SandraLectors12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Dangerfield, OleanHospitality Ministers12/1/201912 PM English
Dangerfield, OleanHospitality Ministers12/8/201912 PM English
Dangerfield, OleanHospitality Ministers12/15/201912 PM English
Dangerfield, OleanHospitality Ministers12/22/201912 PM English
Dangerfield, OleanHospitality Ministers12/29/201912 PM English
Davila, MiguelEOMHC12/8/20198 am English
De los Reyes, OraliaEOMHC12/8/201910 am Spanish
Delgado, CharlieEOMHC12/29/201910 am Spanish
Diaz, CarlosEOMHC12/29/201910 am Spanish
Dokken, JonathonAltar Servers12/1/20198 am English
Dokken, JonathonAltar Servers12/29/20198 am English
Donofrio, ChrisLectors12/1/201912 PM English
Donofrio, ChrisLectors12/8/201912 PM English
Espinoza, CarmenHospitality Ministers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Espinoza, CarmenLectors12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Espinoza, CarmenHospitality Ministers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Espinoza, CarmenLectors12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Espinoza, CarmenHospitality Ministers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Esquivel, MelaniaAltar Servers12/22/20198 am English
Fahrig, MiriamAltar Servers12/8/201912 PM English
Fahrig, MiriamAltar Servers12/22/201912 PM English
Farmer, JerryHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Farmer, JerryHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Farmer, JerryHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Farmer, JerryHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Flores, RaulEOMHC12/15/20198 am English
Fournier, JuanAltar Servers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Fournier, OsondraAltar Servers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Fuentes, LuisEOMHC12/29/201910 am Spanish
Galan, AlyssaAltar Servers12/8/201912 PM English
Galan, AlyssaAltar Servers12/15/201912 PM English
Galan, AlyssaAltar Servers12/29/201912 PM English
Galan, ElidaLectors12/15/201912 PM English
Galan, ElidaEOMHC12/22/201912 PM English
Galan, PabloAltar Servers12/15/201912 PM English
Galan, PabloAltar Servers12/29/201912 PM English
Garcia, DanielEOMHC12/15/20198 am English
Garcia, EricEOMHC12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Garcia, EricEOMHC12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Garcia, EricEOMHC12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Garcia, JavierHospitality Ministers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Garcia, JavierHospitality Ministers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Garcia, JavierHospitality Ministers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Garcia, JavierHospitality Ministers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Garcia, JavierHospitality Ministers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Garcia, LuizHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Garcia, LuizHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Garcia, LuizHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Garcia, RobertHospitality Ministers12/1/201912 PM English
Garcia, RobertHospitality Ministers12/8/201912 PM English
Garcia, RobertHospitality Ministers12/15/201912 PM English
Garcia, RobertHospitality Ministers12/22/201912 PM English
Garcia, RobertHospitality Ministers12/29/201912 PM English
Garcia, SandraEOMHC12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Garcia, SandraEOMHC12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Garcia, SandraEOMHC12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Garza, RosaLectors12/1/201910 am Spanish
Garza, RosaEOMHC12/22/201910 am Spanish
Garza, RosaLectors12/29/201910 am Spanish
Giannakopaulos, LisaEOMHC12/29/20198 am English
Gomez, AlanAltar Servers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Gomez, AlyssaEOMHC12/21/20194 pm English
Gomez, AuroraEOMHC12/21/20194 pm English
Gomez, ItchelEOMHC12/1/201912 PM English
Gomez, ItchelLectors12/15/201912 PM English
Gomez, JesusEOMHC12/22/201910 am Spanish
Gomez, MartinHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Gomez, MartinHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Gomez, MartinHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Gomez, MartinHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Gomez, NatalieAltar Servers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Gomez-Fuentes, MatthewAltar Servers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Gonzales, JesseHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Gonzales, JesseHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Gonzales, JesseHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Gonzales, JesseHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Gonzales, JesseHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Gonzalez, LuisEOMHC12/1/201910 am Spanish
Gonzalez, RosalindaEOMHC12/8/201912 PM English
Greene, MaryEOMHC12/22/20198 am English
Grochowski, TheresaLectors12/7/20194 pm English
Grochowski, VirginiaEOMHC12/15/20198 am English
Guajardo-Paillao, AngelaLectors12/8/201912 PM English
Gutierrez, AgustinEOMHC12/15/201912 PM English
Gutierrez, JuanitaLectors12/8/201910 am Spanish
Gutierrez, JuanitaLectors12/29/201912 PM English
Gutierrez-Kucher, BeauAltar Servers12/1/201912 PM English
Gutierrez-Kucher, BeauAltar Servers12/22/201912 PM English
Guzman, AlejandroEOMHC12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, DanielaAltar Servers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, DanielaAltar Servers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, DanielaAltar Servers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, DanielaAltar Servers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, DanielaAltar Servers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, GabrielaEOMHC12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, MarceloHospitality Ministers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, MarceloHospitality Ministers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, MarceloHospitality Ministers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, MarceloHospitality Ministers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Guzman, MarceloHospitality Ministers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Harrison, JanieEOMHC12/29/20198 am English
Hernandez Garcia, AbigailLectors12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Hernandez Garcia, AbigailLectors12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Hernandez, CarolinaLectors11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Hernandez, CarolinaLectors12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Hernandez, CarolinaLectors12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Hernandez, ElidaEOMHC12/7/20194 pm English
Hernandez, RachelEOMHC12/22/20198 am English
Hernandez, RicardoEOMHC12/29/201910 am Spanish
Hernandez, Rosa MariaEOMHC12/22/201910 am Spanish
Hinojosa, SantiagoAltar Servers11/30/20194 pm English
Hinojosa, SantiagoAltar Servers12/14/20194 pm English
Hinojosa, SantiagoAltar Servers12/28/20194 pm English
Hoban, GailEOMHC12/28/20194 pm English
Ibarra, BlancaHospitality Ministers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, BlancaHospitality Ministers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, BlancaHospitality Ministers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, BlancaHospitality Ministers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, BlancaHospitality Ministers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, MarioHospitality Ministers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, MarioHospitality Ministers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, MarioHospitality Ministers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, MarioHospitality Ministers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Ibarra, MarioHospitality Ministers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Khakimov, MariaAltar Servers12/8/201912 PM English
Khakimov, MariaAltar Servers12/29/201912 PM English
Lara, CruzHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Lara, CruzHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Lara, CruzHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Lara, CruzHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Lara, CruzHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Lara, ElizabethAltar Servers12/8/20198 am English
Lara, ElizabethAltar Servers12/15/20198 am English
Lara, ElizabethAltar Servers12/22/20198 am English
Lara, ElizabethLectors12/29/20198 am English
Lichtenberger, NicholasEOMHC12/22/20198 am English
Lichtenberger, OraliaEOMHC12/1/20198 am English
Limon, ConsueloEOMHC12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Limon, ConsueloEOMHC12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Limon, ConsueloEOMHC12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Limon, LinaEOMHC12/22/20198 am English
Longoria, JoeEOMHC12/29/20198 am English
Lopez, AlejandraAltar Servers12/8/20198 am English
Lopez, AlejandraAltar Servers12/29/20198 am English
Lopez, CarlosEOMHC12/15/201910 am Spanish
Lopez, FernandoLectors12/15/20198 am English
Lopez, FreddyEOMHC12/8/20198 am English
Lopez, JuanEOMHC12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Lopez, MarthaEOMHC12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Lopez, MiguelEOMHC12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Lopez, NoahAltar Servers12/1/20198 am English
Lopez, NoahAltar Servers12/8/20198 am English
Lopez, NoahAltar Servers12/15/20198 am English
Luna, HenryEOMHC11/30/20194 pm English
Lyson, ElenaHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Lyson, ElenaHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Lyson, ElenaHospitality Ministers12/14/20194 pm English
Lyson, ElenaHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Lyson, ElenaHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Macias, IsabellaAltar Servers12/1/201912 PM English
Macias, IsabellaAltar Servers12/22/201912 PM English
Macias, IselaAltar Servers12/1/201912 PM English
Macias, IselaAltar Servers12/15/201912 PM English
Maldonado, AmarisAltar Servers11/30/20194 pm English
Maldonado, AmarisAltar Servers12/14/20194 pm English
Maldonado, AmarisAltar Servers12/28/20194 pm English
Maldonado, CristianAltar Servers12/7/20194 pm English
Maldonado, CristianAltar Servers12/21/20194 pm English
Maldonado, LazarusAltar Servers12/7/20194 pm English
Maldonado, LazarusAltar Servers12/21/20194 pm English
Manzanares, KarenAltar Servers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Mars, VeronicaLectors12/22/20198 am English
Martin Del Campo, MarthaEOMHC12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Martin Del Campo, MarthaEOMHC12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Martin Del Campo, MarthaEOMHC12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Martinez, CarlosLectors11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Martinez, CarlosLectors12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Martinez, CarlosLectors12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Martinez, RoyEOMHC12/15/201912 PM English
Marzan, NoelaniAltar Servers11/30/20194 pm English
Marzan, NoelaniAltar Servers12/7/20194 pm English
Marzan, NoelaniAltar Servers12/14/20194 pm English
Marzan, NoelaniAltar Servers12/21/20194 pm English
Marzan, NoelaniAltar Servers12/28/20194 pm English
Mayorga, MariaLectors12/8/201910 am Spanish
Mayorga, MariaLectors12/29/201910 am Spanish
Mc Phail, DaleEOMHC12/29/201912 PM English
Mc Phail, KristinaEOMHC12/8/201912 PM English
Montoya, MaryEOMHC12/28/20194 pm English
Morales, AvaAltar Servers12/8/201912 PM English
Morales, AvaAltar Servers12/29/201912 PM English
Morales, LourdesEOMHC12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Morales, LourdesEOMHC12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Morales, LourdesEOMHC12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Moreno, AlbertoAltar Servers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Moreno, GabbyHospitality Ministers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Moreno, GabbyLectors12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Moreno, GabbyHospitality Ministers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Moreno, GabbyHospitality Ministers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Moreno, GabbyHospitality Ministers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Moreno, GabbyHospitality Ministers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Moreno, MariaEOMHC12/1/201910 am Spanish
Morones, JoseLectors12/15/201910 am Spanish
Murphy, TomLectors12/1/20198 am English
Neal, JeffHospitality Ministers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Neal, JeffHospitality Ministers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Neal, JeffHospitality Ministers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Neal, JeffHospitality Ministers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Neal, JeffHospitality Ministers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Ohrmundt, DavidEOMHC12/15/201912 PM English
Okafor, MariaEOMHC12/1/201912 PM English
Olivares, NelsyEOMHC12/8/201912 PM English
Ortiz, ImeldaEOMHC12/1/20198 am English
Ortiz, ImeldaLectors12/8/20198 am English
Paiva, AlexanderEOMHC12/14/20194 pm English
Paiva, AnthonyAltar Servers11/30/20194 pm English
Paiva, AnthonyAltar Servers12/7/20194 pm English
Paiva, AnthonyAltar Servers12/14/20194 pm English
Paiva, AnthonyAltar Servers12/21/20194 pm English
Paiva, AnthonyAltar Servers12/28/20194 pm English
Paiva, KristiLectors12/14/20194 pm English
Parks, LilHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Parks, LilHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Parks, LilHospitality Ministers12/14/20194 pm English
Parks, LilHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Parks, LilHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Pasternak, MichaelEOMHC12/28/20194 pm English
Perez, AnnaAltar Servers12/29/20198 am English
Perez, SandyLectors12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Perez, SandyLectors12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Perez, SandyLectors12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Perez-Donaldson, LauraEOMHC12/21/20194 pm English
Plascencia, DareyAltar Servers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Plascencia, DareyAltar Servers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Plascencia, DareyAltar Servers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Plascencia, DareyAltar Servers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Plascencia, DareyAltar Servers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Ponce, Rose MarieLectors12/21/20194 pm English
Quesada, JacobAltar Servers12/1/20198 am English
Quesada, JacobEOMHC12/8/20198 am English
Quesada, JacobAltar Servers12/15/20198 am English
Quesada, JacobAltar Servers12/22/20198 am English
Quinones, GabrielaLectors12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Raffaniello, RobertHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Raffaniello, RobertHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Raffaniello, RobertHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Ramirez, BellaAltar Servers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Ramirez, BellaAltar Servers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Ramirez, BellaAltar Servers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Ramirez, BellaAltar Servers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Ramirez, BellaAltar Servers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Ramirez, Jo AnnLectors12/28/20194 pm English
Ramos, AnjelicaLectors12/22/201912 PM English
Ramos, KateAltar Servers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Ramos, LuzelenaEOMHC12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Ramos, MariaLectors12/15/201910 am Spanish
Ranara, NellyEOMHC12/29/201912 PM English
Rangel, DavidHospitality Ministers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Rangel, DavidHospitality Ministers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Rangel, DavidHospitality Ministers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Rangel, DavidHospitality Ministers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Rangel, DavidHospitality Ministers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Reyna, JoelAltar Servers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Rivera, HenryHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Rivera, HenryHospitality Ministers12/8/20198 am English
Rivera, HenryHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Rivera, HenryHospitality Ministers12/29/20198 am English
Rocha, MariaLectors12/22/201910 am Spanish
Rocha, MaricelaHospitality Ministers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Rocha, MaricelaHospitality Ministers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Rocha, MaricelaHospitality Ministers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Rocha, MaricelaHospitality Ministers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Rocha, MaricelaHospitality Ministers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Rodriguez, AshleeAltar Servers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel AHospitality Ministers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel AHospitality Ministers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel AHospitality Ministers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel AHospitality Ministers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Rodriguez, Miguel AHospitality Ministers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Roman, LuisAltar Servers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Roman, LuisAltar Servers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Rosas, NormaLectors12/1/201912 PM English
Rueschenberg, DebraEOMHC11/30/20194 pm English
Ruiz, DanielHospitality Ministers12/1/20192 pm Spanish
Ruiz, DanielHospitality Ministers12/8/20192 pm Spanish
Ruiz, DanielHospitality Ministers12/15/20192 pm Spanish
Ruiz, DanielHospitality Ministers12/22/20192 pm Spanish
Ruiz, DanielHospitality Ministers12/29/20192 pm Spanish
Ryan, RichardEOMHC12/15/20198 am English
Schrader, MelvinLectors11/30/20194 pm English
Schrader, MelvinLectors12/14/20194 pm English
Serrano, JasmineEOMHC12/14/20194 pm English
Serrano, SandraEOMHC12/14/20194 pm English
Serrano-Aleman, NancyLectors12/21/20194 pm English
Shierry, PaulHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Shierry, PaulHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Shierry, PaulHospitality Ministers12/14/20194 pm English
Shierry, PaulHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Shierry, PaulHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Silva, MarthaEOMHC12/1/201912 PM English
Sloat, GeneEOMHC12/22/201912 PM English
Sloat, ThomasHospitality Ministers12/1/201912 PM English
Sloat, ThomasHospitality Ministers12/8/201912 PM English
Sloat, ThomasHospitality Ministers12/15/201912 PM English
Sloat, ThomasHospitality Ministers12/22/201912 PM English
Sloat, ThomasHospitality Ministers12/29/201912 PM English
Soto, JuanEOMHC12/15/201910 am Spanish
Spalenka, EvelynHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Spalenka, EvelynHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Spalenka, EvelynHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Tejeda, IsabellaHospitality Ministers12/1/20198 am English
Tejeda, IsabellaHospitality Ministers12/15/20198 am English
Tejeda, IsabellaHospitality Ministers12/22/20198 am English
Tola, FranciscaLectors12/22/201912 PM English
Torne-Marzan, MaryEOMHC12/7/20194 pm English
Torres, ClaudiaHospitality Ministers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Torres, ClaudiaHospitality Ministers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Torres, ClaudiaHospitality Ministers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Torres, ClaudiaHospitality Ministers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Torres, ClaudiaHospitality Ministers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Torres, JoseHospitality Ministers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Torres, JoseHospitality Ministers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Torres, JoseHospitality Ministers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Torres, JoseHospitality Ministers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Torres, JoseHospitality Ministers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Torres, MariaHospitality Ministers12/1/201910 am Spanish
Torres, MariaHospitality Ministers12/8/201910 am Spanish
Torres, MariaHospitality Ministers12/15/201910 am Spanish
Torres, MariaHospitality Ministers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Torres, MariaHospitality Ministers12/29/201910 am Spanish
Ugartechea, CarlosEOMHC12/28/20194 pm English
Urrabazo, PatAltar Servers12/1/20198 am English
Urrabazo, PatAltar Servers12/15/20198 am English
Urrabazo, PatAltar Servers12/22/20198 am English
Urrabazo, SoleyEOMHC12/1/20198 am English
Valdovinos, SalvadorHospitality Ministers11/30/20196 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, SalvadorHospitality Ministers12/7/20196 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, SalvadorHospitality Ministers12/14/20196 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, SalvadorHospitality Ministers12/21/20196 pm Spanish
Valdovinos, SalvadorHospitality Ministers12/28/20196 pm Spanish
Valverde, EdwardHospitality Ministers11/30/20194 pm English
Valverde, EdwardHospitality Ministers12/7/20194 pm English
Valverde, EdwardHospitality Ministers12/14/20194 pm English
Valverde, EdwardHospitality Ministers12/21/20194 pm English
Valverde, EdwardHospitality Ministers12/28/20194 pm English
Varela, ConnieEOMHC12/29/201912 PM English
Vasquez, RichardEOMHC12/29/20198 am English
Velasquez, AlexAltar Servers12/1/201912 PM English
Velasquez, AlexEOMHC12/7/20194 pm English
Velasquez, AlexHospitality Ministers12/15/201912 PM English
Velasquez, AlexAltar Servers12/22/201912 PM English
Velasquez, AlexHospitality Ministers12/29/201912 PM English
Villafana, AndresAltar Servers12/22/201910 am Spanish
Villafana, IrisEOMHC12/1/201910 am Spanish
Villafana, IrisLectors12/1/201910 am Spanish
Villafana, IrisLectors12/22/201910 am Spanish
Williams, PhyllisLectors12/7/20194 pm English
Young, MichaelLectors12/8/20198 am English
Zuniga, IsraelEOMHC12/15/201912 PM English
Zvorak, NaidaLectors12/15/20198 am English


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