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St. Rose of Lima parish office is now open MON. – FRI. 9AM – 5PM.

Call us at 210-675-1920 or by email

Mass Schedule (200 PERSONS MAXIMUM in person – All Masses will continue to be Live Streamed):

Daily Mass (Monday through Friday): 12pm

Weekend Masses: Saturday: 4pm English and 6pm Spanish
Sunday: 8am English, 10am Spanish, 12pm English & 2pm Spanish

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What you will hear at the beginning of every Mass:

“Good (morning/ afternoon / evening) and welcome to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We respectfully remind you to please silence your cell phones, but please feel free to use your silenced smart devices to follow along with the Mass readings.  We want to remind everyone that Archbishop Gustavo’s dispensation of all Catholics from the obligation to participate in the Mass on Sundays and other holy days of obligation within the territory of the Archdiocese of San Antonio granted on March 13, 2020 remains in effect until repealed. In the event of another health emergency public Mass may be suspended again. Archbishop Gustavo strongly encourages the elderly and at-risk populations to stay home and participate in Mass by means of Catholic Television or parish live streaming. Anyone feeling sick, or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, should stay home.  We please ask that at all times as we enter the Church through the designated entry doors, we wear a mask and we practice safe social distancing, please maintain a six-foot distance from others as you participate in the sacred liturgy as well as when you leave the Church through the designated exit doors.  Masks are in fact required for all persons inside the Church, except those too young to wear a mask and anyone unable to remove a mask without assistance.  At the time of Communion the ministers of hospitality will direct you to come forward in a single communion line in the designated aisles; please, always maintain a single file line with six-foot intervals. In order that we maintain proper distancing all Mass participants must exit the pews at the time of Communion, even if you are not receiving Communion please exit your pew when directed to avoid crossover contact.  Masks should be worn in the communion line and then lowered while in line before approaching the Communion Minister. After communion the mask should be raised immediately. Communion will be received in the hand only. Singing, especially near others, may increase the risk of viral spread. Music alone is the safest choice at this time. At the Sign of Peace, please greet each other with a simple head bow, or some other gesture of greeting while maintaining the required six-foot radial distance. Donations can be left in the lock boxes near the hand sanitizer stations or dropped in the baskets near the designated exit doors.  Please follow all instructions from our priest celebrant as well as our ministers of hospitality.”

Buenas ( dias/ tardes / noche) y bienvenidos al Sagrado Sacrificio de la Misa. Le recordamos respetuosamente que ponga en silencio sus teléfonos celulares, pero no dude en usar su dispositivo inteligente silenciado para seguir las lecturas de la Misa. Queremos recordarles a todos que la dispensación del Arzobispo Gustavo de todos los católicos de la obligación de participar en la Misa los domingos y otros días santos de obligación dentro del territorio de la Arquidiócesis de San Antonio concedida el 13 de marzo de 2020. Permanece vigente hasta su derogación. En caso de otra emergencia de salud, la Misa pública puede suspenderse nuevamente. El arzobispo Gustavo alienta firmemente a las personas mayores y en riesgo a quedarse en casa y participar en la misa por medio de la televisión católica o la transmisión parroquial en vivo. Cualquier persona que se sienta enferma o que presente síntomas de COVID-19, debe quedarse en casa. Le pedimos que en todo momento cuando ingresemos a la Iglesia a través de las puertas de entrada designadas, usemos una máscara y practiquemos un distanciamiento social seguro, mantenga una distancia de seis pies de los demás mientras participa en la sagrada liturgia, así como cuando salga de la Iglesia por las puertas de salida designadas. De hecho, se requieren máscaras para todas las personas dentro de la Iglesia, excepto aquellas demasiado jóvenes para usar una máscara y cualquier persona que no pueda quitarse una máscara sin ayuda. En el momento de la Comunión, los ministros de hospitalidad le indicarán que se presente en una sola fila de comunión en los pasillos designados, por favor, mantenga siempre una sola fila con intervalos de seis pies. Para mantener un distanciamiento adecuado, todos los participantes de la Misa deben salir de las bancas en el momento de la Comunión, incluso si no está recibiendo Comunión, salga de su banca cuando se le indique, para evitar contacto con otras personas.  Las máscaras deben ser utilizadas en la fila de comunión y luego bajarlo mientras están en la fila antes de acercarse al Ministro de la Comunión. Después de la comunión, debe levantarse la mascara inmediatamente. La comunión se recibirá solo en la mano. Cantar, especialmente cerca de otros, puede aumentar el riesgo de propagación viral. La música sola es la opción más segura en este momento. Durante el signo de la paz, salúdense con un simple saludo con la cabeza o con algún otro gesto de saludo mientras mantienen la distancia requerida de seis pies. Las donaciones pueden dejarse en las cajas de cerraduras cerca de las estaciones de desinfectante para manos o depositarse en las canastas cerca de las puertas de salida designadas. Siga todas las instrucciones de nuestro sacerdote celebrante, así como de nuestros ministros de hospitalidad.



Baptisms for the participants of our Rite of Christian Initiation have been completed and we welcome our newest members of our parish family of faith!

Group Infant Baptisms : please call the parish office at 210-675-1920 to schedule your preparation class as well as turn in all required paperwork.

Preparation Classes (in the parish hall 50 person limit): Please call the parish office at 210-675-1920 to inquire about the dates and times of classes.

Baptisms in the Church (limited to 10 infants per service – following all safety protocols) :

Private infant Baptisms may be scheduled during the week based upon clergy availability, please call the parish office at 210-675-1920 to make arrangements for private infant baptisms.

Weddings and Quinceañera Masses:

All Weddings and Quinceañeras are once again allowed following all safety protocols as well as limited to 200 persons in attendance.


For any members of our parish family that are grieving the loss of a love one, be assured of our support. Funeral Masses must follow all safety guidelines and protocols with at 200 person limit on attendance. May our God of all consolation come to our aid.


Schedule of Masses (families will be contacted by our Department of Religious Education to inform families at which service their loved one will receive Confirmation)

First Holy Communion:

Schedule of first reconciliation for children (families will be contacted by our Department of Religious Education to advise of which time you should bring your child)

Schedule of Masses (families will be contacted by our Department of Religious Education to inform families at which service their loved one will receive their First Holy Communion)

If at any time, any of our members have doubt or hesitation about receiving their Sacraments or attending group services, please do not worry; we will do our very best to make special arrangements for each person on a case by case basis and/or schedule these services later in the year.

Blessings. Fr. Steven


However; We do have a winner of the 2020 Toyota Tundra; see the video below:


If you have not yet taken the opportunity to sign up for our new on-line giving program, please consider doing so. It is a very easy process, should take no more than 5 minutes! Go to , and follow the directions. Once registered, you will have complete access to our database to make any updates to names, address, phone numbers, etc, as well as manage your offerings and being able to pull up a tax statement. As you can see by the above financial statement, we are in urgent need of our parishioners generosity in order to keep the parish operating. Thank you to those who have already signed up, and we look forward to even more doing so!

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