Our Mission

The following is a working copy/draft; furthermore, with the input of our parish community and the leadership of the pastoral council we hope and pray we can soon finalize and work towards our common goals. Fr. Steven Gamez, Pastor




Our sacred purpose at St. Rose of Lima Parish is to know Christ and practice His teachings as revealed to His bride the Church in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  We will love God and one another in word and deed, perform charitable works of mercy and live out compassionate forgiveness.  We will welcome all to the house of our Father, and as a community of faith we will joyfully assist one another in attaining the promises of eternal life through our sharing as members of the One Body and the Sacramental Life.


Faith Formation Guided by the Holy Spirit we are dedicated to being missionary disciples as commanded by the Father through the Word Incarnate.  We will faithfully serve and follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and place special emphasis on the essential nature of the Holy Sacraments in the life of the all Catholic Christians.

Unity Confessing that Christ is the Head of the Body, we will strive for unity within our community cultivating the gifts and talents of all our parish members.  Recognizing the inherent dignity of all persons, we will work to foster concord among all parish members and especially the conversion of our fallen away brothers and sisters.

Stewardship Appreciating with gratitude that God is the source and giver of every Good Gift; we will model good stewardship, founded on love, generosity, and sacrifice.  So that that the spiritual and corporal gifts entrusted to our care are used to build God’s kingdom.

Charity  With no expectation of recompense we will offer in sacrifice to God the work of our hands and hearts.  We will endeavor to care for one another and serve one another filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit and following the example of St. Rose of Lima we will serve so that we may become instruments of perfect Charity, for as she says “When we serve the poor and the sick we serve Jesus. We must not fail to help our neighbors, because in them we serve Jesus.”

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